A new way for project development.
A pool of companies sharing the base and building up their tailored product!

We share the project! Join us today!

The JMobile Project is an exciting new initiative to develop the next generation HMI system in an open collaborative manner.  From our past experience, we have found that the best way to achieve excellence is to combine knowledge and skill sets from multiple companies with multiple objectives. 

Exor International S.p.A. has set up a virtual development model based on the latest Internet technologies.  With this system, other companies can obtain the full source code along with project documentation and direct technical support. This approach allows companies to take advantage of proven HMI components that can combined with the company's core product line. You will be able to fully integrate JMobile with your product as well as customize the system to meet specific needs of your product.  In return, companies are asked to contribute their own field related expertise back to the JMobile project. 

  The JMobile project is not an open source system.  The JMobile project is sponsored by commercial companies who rely on the product to generate revenues.  Funding is provided by partner companies to ensure that JMobile continues to meet high standards of quality and support. Company can contribute varying levels of support depending on the goals they wish to obtain from JMobile.

Check the presentation on the business model!

It is our vision that the JMobile project provides a win-win-win situation for all companies involved. Partners can benefit for a core HMI technology and JMobile will benefit the experience of multiple companies.The system will continue to improve as more and more companies join the project.  Exor International S.p.A. is open to many levels collaboration so that each companies can benefit from the overall success of the product.  

  If you are would like to learn more about this exciting opportunity, please contact Exor International S.p.A. at info@jmobile.net