Different application areas, different needs: JMobile has optimal solutions for every application!


JMobile is a software suite designed to offer a complete HMI solution with client-server architecture. It is made of several software components, integrated into a unique application.

JMobile applies the latest available technology developed for HMI in industrial automation to every situation where a user interface is required.
The suite includes commissioning tools, to allow easy maintenance and configuration of multiple remote units, and both desktop and runtime engineering software for application development.

JMobile is the solution of choice for any application demanding a high degree of flexibility, high performance and, when requested, portability of information at any level.
From the field source, the information is made available to back office applications, web browsers, mobile phones, PDAs, and virtually any mobile device of your choosing. Communications rely on web services as well as other high end solutions.

JMobile is free from issues of network configuration and/or management problems with firewalls and proxies.
It does not encounter data representation problems between connected systems.

Since the system has been developed to be cross-platform, its core runs on different hardware platforms and operating systems and there are no hardware platform dependencies.

For factory automation, home automation and marine applications, Exor International can offer complete JMobile solutions based on certified hardware platforms where the system has been extensively tested, thus offering a high degree of reliability.