Flexible, powerful, innovative.
Complete set of products for use with industrial controllers and workstations, personal computers, mobile phones!

The JMobile Suite

JMobile is a modern & innovative software solution for the design of HMI applications in a simple and intuitive way. A powerful and versatile tool set allowing for the rapid design of tailored applications crafted for a better, more modern user experience.

Designed for simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency, JMobile and its advanced graphics engine is based on SVG technology with full object-oriented design properties. These Modern and flexible widgets allow for tailoring a truly better, more intuitive “User Experience” Better “Useability” for operators with modern widgets and navigation, better “Visibility” for management with remote tools and reporting, and better Serviceability both locally and from afar.

JMobile client-server architecture is based on current web technologies providing users with advanced control and remote supervision a, from any browser, any device (smartphone, tablet, or computer). In addition, the ability to capture, store and share data in higher-level structures make it an effective tool for integration across the entire enterprise.

A rich set of symbols, widgets and advanced functions (e-mail, RSS, PDF Reporting Scheduler, HTML5 Browser) allows JMobile deployment in a wide variety of applications and industries, from industrial to building and marine automation.

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JMobile Studio is easy to use graphical editor for creating HMI pages. Simply drag and drop symbols on the page, connect to device variables and you are ready to go. JMobile Studio contains a large symbol library as well as tag management, an alarm database, a schedule editor and all features needed to manage the device.
JMobile PC Runtime
JMobile PC Runtime is the Windows version of our powerful programming software for graphic user interfaces.

JMobile Client
JMobile Client provides a live, interactive display of machine data from a remote location. JMobile Client is virtual platform that runs on Windows PCs and Explorer web browser
JMobile now supports remote applications based on HTML5 and Javascript.