Data Management


Manage Tags with a simple Excel-like interface


Native PLC Settings

Set tag values using the native PLC settings.
 Import Tags

You can import tags from the PLC. Simply drag and drop the PLC tags into the tag editor


Select Protocols

Select and configure the protocols from a simple editor.  JMobile supports many PLCs and drivers.

 Add Trends

Manage trend data the same way you manage tags. 

Set Alarms
Add alarms to the project.  Alarms can be triggered by any of the tag values.

Configurable Alarm Actions

Perform any type of action in response to an alarm.

Handle recipe data and product sets directly from HMI.
Localized applications
Handling of languages, switch language at run time, far east languages.
Powerfull data acquisition system highly configurable; efficient representation and FTP server for data retrieving.
Efficient and flexible timing action control: daily, weekly and timed. Suitable for many application, including building automation.